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What is Hard on 100 mg Tablet?

Hard on 100 mg Tablets enable men to attain and maintain an erection when they are sexually aroused during intercourse. It is an FDA certified  drug of Aurochem Laboratories for improving the sex lives of males. It comprises of a vital ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate, which eases the supply of blood to the penile tissues of the males for a strong and long enduring erection. Men can stay hard for 4-6 hours after its use and experiment different sexual positions with their female partner.

Benefits of  Hard on 100 mg Tablet?

Hard on 100 mg Tablets is a wonderful solution for the treatment of ED patients. The presence of a powerful component known as Sildenafil Citrate not only helps men with a wonderful erection but also enables him to enjoy pleasurable intercourse with his female buddy. This medicine has been certified by Food and Drug Administration and has been clinically tested at various laboratories for better performance behind closed doors. It improves the libido of men and offers them adequate time and opportunity to relish intimate sessions beneath the sheets. Hard on Tablets have till date treated the erection problems of millions of ED patients across the globe.


A tablet of 100 mg should usually be taken once in a day with water. Under no circumstances should one increase the dose of this medicine, as it can lead to common as well as adverse side effects.

Safety Precautions before the use of Hard on Tablets

Hard on Tablets should always be taken on a doctor’s prescription. Men allergic to Sildenafil or any its elements should avoid this drug. Individuals suffering from complications of heart , lung , liver and kidney should seek the opinion of an experienced physician before utilizing this drug. Diabetes and hypertension patients should connect with a medical expert prior to its use. ED tablet should never be mixed with alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs, nitrate medications and grapefruit juice. This pill is not recommended for minors, mentally challenged persons, drug abusers and alcoholics.  Avoid this drug if you are suffering from deformity of penis or Peyronie disease. And lastly, males should avoid taking this medication with other ED medications.

Hard 100 mg Tablets express delivery in UK ?

After successful online payment, we process all orders on the same day, pack the medicine discreetly and hand over the  packet to our delivery partners. Our objective is to ensure that our loyal customers receive the medicine without any delay.

Why you should buy Hard on 100 mg Tablets online?

Online ordering saves time and money of customers.  Other benefits of online buying include – availability of genuine medications, numerous discounts on products, competitive prices, 24/7 customer support, discreet packing and free home delivery across UK.



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